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Organizing Committee

General Chair

Matti Hämäläinen
University of Oulu, Finland

General Co-Chair

Giancarlo Fortino
University of Calabria, Italy

Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs

Jari Iinatti
University of Oulu, Finland

Lorenzo Mucchi
University of Florence, Italy

Carlos Pomalaza-Raez
University of Purdue, USA

Daisuke Anzai
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Web Chair

Juha-Pekka Mäkelä
University of Oulu, Finland

Publicity and Social Media Co-Chairs

Ladislau Matekovits
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Omid Dehzangi
University of Michigan – Dearborn, USA

Workshop/Panel Chair

Ilangko Balasingham
Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Special Track Co-Chair (CABAN)

Raffaele Gravina
University of Calabria, Italy

Special Track Co-Chair (UWBAN)

Muzaffer Kanaan
Erciyes University, Turkey

Special Track Co-Chair (AP & WiBeC)

Dirk Plettemeier
University of Technology Dresden, Germany

Qiong Wang
University of Technology Dresden, Germany

Special Track Co-Chair (SmartBAN)

John Farserotu
CSEM, Switzerland

Publications Co-Chairs

Chika Sugimoto
Yokohama National University, Japan

Hamed Farhadi
Harvard University, USA

Exhibit/Demo Chair

Ari Pouttu
University of Oulu, Finland

Local Chair

Heikki Karvonen
University of Oulu, Finland

Conference Manager

Radka Pincakova

EAI Institutional Members